Motorola concept redefines what it means to be a foldable phone


The way foldable smartphones are currently made, only the display of the phone can bend/fold. This is why foldable phones are generally segmented into two different sections which house different components, but Motorola is hoping to redefine the concept of a foldable phone.

During Lenovo Tech World 2023, Motorola unveiled a new concept device with a foldable display together with a chassis that can also be folded, as you can see in the images above and below.

With this concept, Motorola envisions that it could change the way we use our devices. No longer limited to just a phone, the foldable body allows users to potentially wear the device on their wrists where it could double up as a smartwatch or maybe as another way for users to hold their phones if their hands are full.

The base of the phone can also be bent to act as a stand so that users can prop their phones up for video calls. The phone will also be smart enough to detect when it has been positioned that way so that the UI can change and become more compact, as opposed to hiding it below which would be wasted.

This is actually not the first time we’ve seen this concept. Lenovo had previously shown off similar devices albeit with a different look. There’s no guarantee that Lenovo or Motorola have plans to ever make this device a reality, but it is intriguing.

Source: Lenovo

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