Lenovo has a clear vision for the future…a transparent display laptop


Laptops are pretty boring. They’re functional, but otherwise kind of boring. The overall design hasn’t really changed much over the years, but Lenovo is challenging that status quo with its latest concept. At MWC 2024, the company unveiled the Lenovo Project Crystal, a laptop with a completely transparent display.

We actually heard about this device a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like the company has finally taken the wraps off it. What’s the point of Lenovo creating a transparent display laptop, you might ask? The laptop actually comes with a camera on the back of the laptop which Lenovo says could be potentially used for augmented reality. It can also be used to help identify objects.

Designers might also find it useful as they can overlay a schematic over the actual object. The display itself is made with a microLED panel. The laptop also ditches the traditional physical keyboard for a touch-based one. We get that this helps with the whole sci-fi look, but honestly typing long documents on a touchscreen is kind of tedious.

Before you get too excited, the Project Crystal is currently a proof-of-concept. There are no plans to actually turn it into an actual product. It was made to display the use of microLED displays and AI integration. Maybe one day we’ll see such laptops hit the market. For now it’s just a really cool piece of tech.

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