TORRAS Ostand Galaxy S24 cases add protection, a stand and MagSafe support


The Samsung Galaxy S24 is here, featuring a titanium body which makes it lighter and more durable than its predecessors. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to keep it protected against scratches, though. If you’re going to buy one of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 models, you should consider these TORRAS Ostand cases as well.

TORRAS has announced a new lineup of cases for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. This comes in the form of the Guardian Ostand and the Ostand R. Both of these cases are designed with a kickstand, but there are some differences that we will explore below.

TORRAS Guardian Ostand 

samsung galaxy s24 cases

The TORRAS Guardian Ostand is a slim case for the Galaxy S24 lineup of phones, featuring a Halbach Array Tech magnetic system. Seeing as how Samsung did not include support for Qi2 wireless charging in its Galaxy S24 phones, the Guardian Ostand Case allows the phone to work with Qi2 and MagSafe chargers and accessories.

The magnetic ring on the back of the case allows it to work with various magnetic accessories, such as wireless chargers, battery packs, wallets and even car mounts.

The case is incredibly slim at just 0.04 inches. But don’t let its thin design fool you as this case is tough! TORRAS has ensured that the case has military-grade protection, allowing it to withstand drops from as high as 10 feet. TORRAS has conducted 8,000+ tests with no damage, thanks to its C-shock technology.

The TORRAS Guardian Ostand also features the brand’s signature O-ring on the back, which allows the case to act as a kickstand for the phone. If you want to prop the phone up to watch videos or use it as a makeshift tripod for a photo or video call, you can. It also makes the case easier to carry and provides more grip when you’re taking photos.

The TORRAS Guardian Ostand is compatible with the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, Galaxy S24 Ultra, and Galaxy S23 Ultra, and is priced at $35.99.


samsung galaxy s24 cases

Next up we have the TORRAS Ostand R. Feature wise, it shares a lot of similarities with the Guardian Ostand with some subtle differences.

It comes with Halbach magnet technology that TORRAS says offers 40% stronger magnetic force than official cases. It also means that it will be compatible with MagSafe/Qi2 accessories like wireless charging pucks, power banks, wallet attachments, and car mounts.

One of the main differences between the Ostand R and Guardian Ostand is the O-ring attachment on the back of the case. The R stands for “rotating” as O-ring on the back of this case can rotate 360-degrees. This allows for a lot more flexibility in how it can be used to prop up the phone.

To ensure durability, TORRAS has conducted over 30,000 open and close tests, which should be more than enough to outlast the lifetime of the phone itself.

The Ostand R also offers enhanced security for your phone, protecting it from drops from up to 14 feet. The raised edges along the display and camera ensure there’s a protective cushion around every edge of the phone. Given how expensive cameras are to replace or fix, this is pretty reassuring.

The TORRAS Ostand R is available for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and is priced at $39.99.


Both the TORRAS Guardian Ostand and Ostand R are impressive cases for the Galaxy S24 series. If you want a thin and light case, then the Guardian Ostand could be a better choice. But if you want a more rugged case that offers additional flexibility with its kickstand, then the Ostand R is the better option.

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