The Honor Magic 6 Pro lets you control a car using eye-tracking


Over the years, we’ve seen smartphone companies come up with various ways for us to control our smartphones. Who remembers the good old days where hover-touching was supposed to be the next big thing? Turns out that maybe eye-tracking could be its replacement, at least that’s what Honor is hoping for with the Magic 6 Pro.

The company will be officially launching the Magic 6 Pro globally come MWC 2024. Ahead of the event, Honor decided to demo some of the upcoming AI features of the phone. This includes AI-assisted eye-tracking where they showed off how users could control a car using nothing but eye movement.

Users will need to use a custom app and then stare at the controls for a couple of seconds for it to register. The car itself also comes equipped with custom servos and motors, meaning that you won’t be able to use it with any regular old car. It is a very novel feature and we doubt that Honor thinks that this is the future of driving.

Instead, it is more about a demo about its eye-tracking and AI capabilities. We’re not sure what kind of use this feature could have, but accessibility does come to mind. All in all, the demo itself is pretty cool and you can check it out in the video above.

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