Honor is finally doing something about smartphone batteries that more companies should


The battery technology in our smartphones hasn’t changed much since the early days. Our phones still rely on lithium-ion batteries, which to be fair is good enough to get the job done. That doesn’t mean that the batteries can’t be improved upon, which is something that Honor is doing for its Magic6 series of smartphone.

The company has announced that the Magic6 series of phones will be utilizing their second-gen silicon-carbon battery technology. The company introduced the first-gen to its  Magic5 series of phones back in 2023, albeit for the China version of the phone. What makes this battery technology different from traditional batteries is that it offers higher energy density.

What does this mean? Basically it means that this battery can be the same physical size as a regular battery but pack more energy. According to Honor, this allowed them to push capacity of their smartphone batteries up to 5,600mAh. The company will also utilize the Power Enhanced Chip HONOR E1 to better manage the thermals of the battery, resulting in more stable performance.

This includes enhancing the efficiency in the discharging process based on different loads and currents. It also comes with a low-temperature algorithm to allow for optimal performance in extreme temperatures. Since this battery technology in phones is still new-ish, some might be concerned about safety.

In that regard, Honor has conducted comprehensive safety tests to ensure reliability, such as extrusions, drops, vibrations, extreme and sudden changes in temperatures, and more. It is quite exciting to see Honor introduce new battery technology to our phones. Hopefully this is something more handset makers will consider in the future.

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