Square Enix Doesn’t Want fans Sharing FFVII Rebirth Spoilers


As far as modern game consoles go, one feature that’s been pretty common across different platforms is the ability that allows players to share screenshots of their games onto social media and such, adding a “social” element to gaming. One catch however is that players can sometimes share spoilers, which might ruin a game’s story for players who have yet to start the game or reach a certain point in the story.

With that being said, it looks like Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura has noticed this happening, especially among players of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, in which Nomura serves as Creative Director. In a statement made on his official social media account, Nomura addresses players who plan on posting content from the game:

“When posting anything that strongly relates to the game’s story on social media and video sharing sites, I ask that you please make sure to include spoiler warnings so as not to affect the experience of those who have yet to play the game… I would also be very grateful if you could refrain from using any scenes from those vital parts of the story in your video thumbnails.

Still, I am making this request to ask for respect towards all the players out there who want to avoid any spoilers until they have personally completed the story…”

Nomura also shared Square Enix’s official guidelines regarding the recording, sharing and posting of videos and images from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which includes live streaming sessions on YouTube and Twitch, as well as posts made by social media accounts.

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