Google Introduces a Handy AI Feature for Chrome Users


As Google continues its push to integrate Generative AI among its different products and services, it was only a matter of time before we managed to receive AI software features for apps like the Chrome web browser – as such, Google recently announced that users can now try out the “Help me Write” tool, which is designed to assist users get their messages out a bit easier.

The tool is available for Windows and Mac computers in the United States, with support for English. Help me Write uses Gemini models which can help users write or refine something that they’ve already written, including anything from hotel reservations, buy-and-sell listings, and more. The tool will be able to base content depending on the context of the webpage, which then allows it to suggest relevant content.

To turn on the tool, users simply need to sign into Chrome, select “Settings” from the three-dot menu and then proceed to the “Experimental AI” page. Users can then enable the “Help me write” option, and then select a text field on Chrome to get started. Users can also opt to turn off the feature at any time.

Source: Google

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