Sony debuts 5G portable data transmitter for real-time photo and video transfers


Most modern day cameras have the ability to wirelessly transfer photos and videos. For the most part, it is only to a local smartphone or laptop. If you’re looking for the ability to transfer photos and videos to a remote server or location, Sony might have something for you in the form of the Sony PDT-FP1 portable data transmitter.

One of the key features of the portable data transmitter is the use of 5G technology. This offers users lightning-fast transfer speeds. The Sony PDT-FP1 allows photographers to send their media files directly to an FTP server or even to streaming platforms like YouTube. This opens up new avenues for sharing and collaboration, whether you’re a streamer, photographer, or journalist.

Speaking of 5G connectivity, the PDT-FP1 offers support for various 5G bands, dual SIM, and eSIMs. This versatility ensures that users can maintain a stable connection regardless of their location. The data transmitter can even automatically select the best network based on current conditions.

The PDT-FP1 will work with a bunch of Sony cameras. It also has a touchscreen display that allows photographers to monitor the transfer status in real-time. It also enables them to continue capturing photos and videos without interruption. Sony has also built a cooling fan into the PDT-FP1 that allows it to remain cool while it is in operation.

If you think that this could be something you might have a use for, the Sony PDT-FP1 is priced at $1,099.99. It is also slated for release in the US come early Summer 2024.

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