Apple iPhone 15 battery finally catches up with Android OEMs


All smartphone batteries (and lithium-ion batteries in general) have a lifespan. Every charging cycle reduces its lifespan and capacity by a bit. This is why after a couple of years, you’ll realize your phone no longer lasts as long as it used to. Apple’s iPhone 15 battery lifespan used to be rated at 500 cycles, but the company has doubled it to 1,000.

According to Apple, they claim that the entire iPhone 15 lineup’s battery is rated for 1,000 cycles before its charging capacity hits 80%. The company had previously estimated 500 charging cycles, but apparently after retesting, they claim it is good for 1,000 cycles. Apple says the tests involved charging and draining the batteries 1,000 times under specific conditions.

They also attributed the increase in charging cycles to various factors. This includes upgrades they made to the battery components, as well as software updates to the power management in iOS. So why is Apple retesting its batteries? Come June 2025, the EU will start assigning smartphone manufacturers a grade that indicates aspects like energy efficiency.

Based on the guidelines, the EU requires batteries to have at least 800 charging cycles while retaining at least 80% of its original capacity, which is why Apple decided to retest its iPhones. Keep in mind that all of this is on paper. Your iPhone 15 did not magically gain additional charging cycles.

There are many factors that can affect your phone’s battery health. So even though Apple claims the iPhone 15s are now rated for 1,000 cycles, your mileage may vary.

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