The titanium in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is different from the iPhone 15


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra features the use of titanium in its chassis. One thing to note is that not all titanium is equal. In titanium itself, there are varying grades of quality. It turns out that the one that Samsung is using is the cheaper stuff.

The phone was taken to Moxtek Products to determine the grade of titanium in the phone following a teardown by JerryRigEverything. According to the test, it seems that the titanium used in the Galaxy S24 Ultra is Grade 2 quality.

For context, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro which also uses titanium uses Grade 5. Compared to Grade 2, Grade 5 titanium is also about four times more expensive. It might be easy to dismiss the use of Grade 2 as being “worse”, but it’s not necessarily true. As we said, there are different grades of titanium and it depends on what the manufacturer wants out of the material.

As it is easier to work with, Grade 2 titanium is more commonly used. For a company like Samsung that churns out millions of phones, making the manufacturing process easier means less defective units and waste. Granted it isn’t quite as strong compared to other grades, but it still enjoys the benefit of being lightweight.

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