Bixby is about to get a lot smarter with Galaxy AI


Samsung’s virtual assistant Bixby leaves quite a bit to be desired. If you own a Samsung phone but prefer using Google Assistant instead, we don’t really blame you. But it looks like there could be a reason to give Bixby another shot. Samsung has announced that they will be integrating Galaxy AI features into Bixby.

For those unfamiliar, Galaxy AI is a new set of AI tools that made its debut with the Galaxy S24 series. According to Samsung, the integration with Bixby means that users can easily launch some Galaxy AI features using their voice.

“Now, thanks to Galaxy AI’s integration with Bixby’s voice activation capabilities, users can empower their everyday through the quick and easy activation of these features – just by speaking. With Bixby, users can quickly bring up and activate Galaxy AI features1 hands-free, taking away the need to physically search through your device to find the feature of your choice.”

Galaxy AI comes with features like Live Translate, where users can enjoy real-time translation as it happens. With the integration in Bixby, users can quickly launch the feature instead of having to search for it. It’s pretty cool and should make Bixby a more compelling option. Google has done something similar with its Gemini AI and Google Assistant, so it’s not surprising that Samsung has gone down a similar route as well.

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