WhatsApp update makes it easier to deal with spam


It used to be that instant messengers like WhatsApp were more immune to spam compared to SMS. These days, that’s no longer the case. Spam messages on WhatsApp are pretty rampant, but luckily for WhatsApp users, blocking and dealing with these types of messages has gotten easier.

WhatsApp has rolled out an update to the app where users can now directly block spammy messages from their notifications. Prior to this, users would have to open the message first and then block it. By allowing users to block these messages directly from their notifications makes things a lot more efficient.

WhatsApp already has some measures in place to deal with spam. For example, it can detect messages you receive from users not in your contact list. It will then warn you about the message and sender where you can then choose to add that person to your contact or block them right away.

This update is more about making it easier for users and saving them time. We would have preferred some kind of spam filter like you might find in emails, but that could be tricky. So until such a filter arrives, these types of features and updates will have to do.

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