Google really doesn’t want you to miss out on Android app updates


App updates in general are a good thing. They introduce security patches, bug fixes, and new features. But sometimes users don’t always update their apps when they become available. This is something Google is trying to fix by introducing Android app updates prompts that are harder to ignore.

App developers will be able to access a new tool that will make update prompts more obvious. If developers choose to implement this new feature, what happens is when Android app updates are available and users launch the app, they’ll be greeted with a full screen prompt (see screenshot below) asking them to update.

Users will always have the option to ignore the update, but with an in-your-face approach, it becomes harder to dismiss it. Google notes that if users dismiss the prompt, they will see it again after every cold restart. While it might seem like an intrusive design, sometimes these prompts are important.

For example, if there is a security flaw or app-breaking bug, developers will naturally want users to update their apps ASAP. Sometimes users might not be aware that an update is available either, so prompting them this way could be a good way of letting them know. Developers can choose whether or not they want to utilize this feature, so not all apps will necessarily take advantage of it.

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