Lenovo’s Confident that Motorola could Become the World’s Third-Biggest Phone Brand


Motorola’s had a rich and colorful history throughout the years – as one of the earliest mobile phone manufacturers, the brand has since found itself under new management, and is currently owned by Lenovo. With that being said though, Lenovo thankfully did not leave the good Motorola name in the dust, and even thinks that it could rise to become one of the top names in the industry once again.

In fact, Lenovo’s own President of International Markets Matthew Zielinski thinks that the brand has what it takes to be the third-largest smartphone brand worldwide in the next three years. Speaking to CNBC, he states that he would “bet a paycheck that in three years we [Motorola] will be number three around the world.”

He adds that Lenovo has turned around the Motorola business and “hyper-prioritized” it, and that is now paying off.

Going back to its goal to reach third place in the coming years, Lenovo plans to implement a growth strategy which will pit the Motorola brand in the premium segment of the market, facing off against Apple and Samsung. Zielinski points to the Motorola Razr series as one of the company’s attempts at competing in a high-end smartphone market.

Motorola did have significant success in the US market in recent times, currently sitting in third place behind Samsung and Apple based on market share. Internationally however, Motorola and Lenovo combined recorded around 4% market share in the Q3 2023, managing to land in eighth place.

Source: CNBC

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