The Samsung Galaxy S24 is the company’s most repairable phone


The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is official. The phones don’t come cheap, especially the larger Galaxy S24 Ultra model which sees an increase in price by $100. This means that you’ll want to take care of it because repairing it will be expensive. Thankfully, in terms of being repairable, the Samsung Galaxy S24 scores pretty well.

PBKreviews has conducted a teardown of the Galaxy S24 where they have given the phone a 9/10 in terms of repairability. This doesn’t necessarily mean that repairing the phone will be cheap, but at least it will be relatively easy. The Galaxy S24 utilizes a comparable internal design to its predecessor, employing glue sparingly.

For example, the battery isn’t glued into place. Instead, it has an adhesive pouch with a pull tab that allows it to be easily removed. The overall organization of the phone’s components also gives easier access to things like the screen and charger port. Samsung’s self-repair program facilitates easier self-repairs by organizing components in a more user-friendly manner.

If you’re not fully confident in your technical abilities you can always send it to a shop, but at least the ease of repairability gives users the option of doing it themselves. Samsung hasn’t revealed the cost to replace the components yet, but if the Galaxy S23 is any indication, it won’t come cheap.

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