The OSCAL PowerMax 3600 is a power station that’s great for both indoor and outdoor use!


Selecting the right power station can pose a challenge, particularly when you’re looking for a device suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. This is because power stations designed for home backups tend to be bigger. This is to accommodate the larger batteries and the larger power outputs. Portable power stations, on the other hand, tend to be smaller and focus on portability. This is why if you’re looking for the best of both worlds, the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 power station could be it.

Rugged design

The Oscal PowerMax 3600 power station is designed for both home and outdoor use. If you plan to use the power station outdoors, naturally you should try to find one that will be able to withstand the elements up to a certain extent. That is something that OSCAL has taken into consideration when designing the PowerMax 3600.

According to the company, they have designed the power station to be a rugged piece of equipment. They claim that it is drop proof from heights up to 0.8m, so if you accidentally drop it while carrying it, it should be able to take a hit and survive. This is thanks to the three rubber material foot pads that help absorb the shock.

It is also designed to be splash-proof, so a bit of rain shouldn’t cause any issues, and dust proof. The PowerMax 3600 also comes with anti-UV and is UL94V-0 rated fire-retardant. This is also a safety feature should anything go wrong. It can also operate in some extreme temperature environments, going from as low as -10C up to 45C.

Power everything

Portable power stations usually have to sacrifice something in order to remain (relatively) lightweight and easy to move around. If your demands are higher, the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 power station won’t disappoint. As its name suggests, it supports up to 3,600W of output power.

OSCAL claims that it will be able to charge and power 99% of essential devices. This includes power tools like drills and chainsaws. It will also work with home appliances that might be energy hungry, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and more. With a total of 14 output ports, you should be able to power everything you might need and then some.

If you plan to use the PowerMax 3600 as a home backup system, it supports battery expansions of up to 15 battery packs. This will give you a battery capacity ranging from 3.6kWh to a whopping 57.6kWh! OSCAL estimates that this will give you about 30 days worth of home energy backup.

There is also support for UPS, so you can connect it to devices that need to remain constantly powered. OSCAL says that its UPS has a switchover speed of 5-8ms, so it should more or less kick in instantly. The PowerMax 3600 also uses EV-class LiFePO4 batteries, which the company claims has a lifespan of up to 25 years. This means that there is a good chance you might replace the power station before its battery loses too much of its original capacity.

Users can also look forward to controlling the power station via its accompanying smartphone app. This will give users the option of remotely controlling it if they’re not closeby.

Easy to move around

One of the features we like about the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 power station is how easy it is to bring around. The company has thoughtfully added a pair of wheels to the power station, and with its luggage-like handles, it makes it a breeze to wheel the power station anywhere you want.

Whether you want to wheel it from your car to a campsite, or move it around your home, the wheels and handles will make that a breeze. As we said before, sometimes home backup systems tend to sacrifice portability for battery and power, but that isn’t the case here.

Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

If you’re interested in the OSCAL PowerMax 3600 power station, the company has launched the device on Indiegogo. If you choose to back the crowdfunding campaign, you’ll be able to grab a unit for $1,799. This is an early bird price which is a 48% discount off its RRP of $3,478. The company expects the power station to start shipping out to customers in February this year.

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