Step aside foldables…say hello to the fold-and-roll!


Motorola is no stranger when it comes to foldable phones. The company brought back a classic feature phone design with the RAZR series of foldable smartphones, but it looks like they are also exploring the idea of rollable phones. At MWC 2023, Motorola showed off a rollable concept called the RIZR, but now they could be thinking of combining it with a foldable display.

This is according to a report from in collaboration with David from @xleaks7. The report reveals the existence of a Motorola patent which takes the concept of foldable and rollable smartphones and combines them into a single device. So how does this work?

Image credit – X @xleaks7

Basically it’s a three-in-one kind of device. When folded shut it looks like your typical smartphone. It can also be unfolded to make it become a larger device like a tablet. On top of that, both the screens are also rollable and can be extended upwards as pictured in the concept rendering above.

We’ll admit it’s kind of a ridiculous concept. We get the idea of giving users larger screen real estate, but the implementation feels kind of clunky and awkward. To be fair, this is only a patent which means that Motorola is just trying to protect its ideas. There is no indication to suggest that such a device is in development, so don’t get your hopes up of seeing it hit the market just yet.

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