Google Maps makes it easier for you to identify food on a menu


Trying to look at a restaurant’s menu from Google Maps can be a mixed bag sometimes, especially if you aren’t familiar with the dish. For example, some dishes can be quite obvious like “fish and chips”, but sometimes certain dishes aren’t familiar to you and so trying to match that photo with the menu can be difficult. Thankfully, an update to Google Maps will make finding items on a menu a lot easier.

The update to Google Maps will now match food photos uploaded by users to the menu of the restaurant. In the Photos tab of a restaurant, photos uploaded by users will be accompanied by a card at the bottom. This names the dish along with how it is described on the menu. This means that if you like what you see, you’ll know exactly what to order next time you’re there.

Google will be relying on user-provided captions as well as object recognition to help label these food items. Users will also see a “Suggest an edit” button which will let them suggest a name change. Tapping on this will notify the restaurant’s owner so that the necessary changes can be made.

At the moment it does not appear that all food photos support this new caption card. It’s actually pretty cool because sometimes it’s nice to see how the actual dish looks like, as opposed to studio photos which might not offer the most accurate representation.

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