OnePlus wants you to know how amazing the OnePlus 12 cameras are


The OnePlus 12 launched back in December last year. OnePlus is planning on releasing it for global markets on the 23rd of January, and ahead of the launch, the company is detailing the new cameras that they have included in the OnePlus 12.

Upgraded, custom sensor

In case you missed the original announcement, the OnePlus 12 comes with a triple camera setup. This includes the use of a 48MP main shooter, a 48MP ultrawide, and a 64MP with 3x optical zoom.

Looking beyond just the megapixel count, the OnePlus 12 comes with a Sony LYT-808 wide-angle camera. This is a 1/1.4-inch sensor with up to 24,600 FWC. A larger sensor allows for more light intake compared to smaller sensors. This in turn allows for photographs that have more dynamic lighting and detail.

In addition to using a customized sensor, the OnePlus 12 cameras feature the use of an upgraded TurboRAW HDR algorithm. HDR photos are achieved by taking multiple photos at different exposures and combining them to showcase a wide dynamic range. The TurboRAW HDR algorithm goes further by “understanding” the photo to better showcase the subtleties of highlights and shadows.

Hasselblad partnership

The OnePlus 12 also continues the partnership with Hasselblad. This partnership introduces a new focal length in the portrait mode, imitating the bokeh and flare effects from Hasselblad lenses. OnePlus is also making some changes to its Pro Mode, now known as Master Mode, where it gives users more manual controls to allow them to snap the photo they want.

Videographers will also benefit from the new OnePlus 12 cameras. We’re talking about support for 4K video recording with Dolby Vision. This will result in more stunning-looking videos that look more vivid and offer greater depth.

The OnePlus 12 will be making its way to global markets on the 23rd of January, so if you’re looking for a smartphone that can take amazing photos and videos, it could be worth your consideration.

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