Samsung Galaxy S24 could be borrowing a Google AI feature


Samsung has confirmed that the upcoming Galaxy S24 will feature a variety of new AI capabilities. According to new reports, based on a series of leaked marketing materials shared on X by Evan Blass, have revealed one of those potential features. This comes in the form of a “Circle to Search” function that sounds like it could be powered by Google.

The description of the feature Galaxy S24 AI feature says, “Search any image, video, or text on your screen. Circle, highlight, scribble, or tap to pinpoint what you’re curious about, no screenshots necessary.”

This feature might sound familiar to some of you because it could be a variation of Google Lens. In the leaked marketing materials, they are using the S Pen to circle these objects. It is unclear if this means that it could be exclusive to the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Speaking of exclusive AI features, a recent report suggests that Samsung could be planning to eventually put some of their AI functions behind a paywall. Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything yet. The Galaxy S24 will be announcement tomorrow, so we should have the details soon enough.

In the meantime, Samsung is running a reservation deal. This deal will get you $50 in Samsung credit if you reserve the Galaxy S24 that can be used towards the purchase of the phone.

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