Samsung Galaxy S24 AI features might only be free for the first year


Samsung will be bringing brand new AI experiences to the upcoming Galaxy S24. Assuming it’s going to be on par with what Google offers on its Pixel phones, it’s something we’re looking forward to. What we’re not looking forward to is the possibility that we might have to pay for it further down the line.

A report from Android Headlines has revealed that Samsung could be planning to charge users to use its Galaxy S24 AI features. The publication is reporting on a leak that apparently mentions that some of the Samsung Galaxy 24 AI features will be free of charge until “at least 2025”. This means that after that, Samsung could put some of those features behind a paywall.

This is actually not the first time we’re hearing about it. We reported on a similar rumor back in 2023. If that is true, it is disappointing. Google’s AI features are all currently free of charge, so unless Samsung has something extremely compelling, it could be a tough sell.

It will also depend on how much the company plans to charge for it. If the price is reasonable or if Samsung throws in additional perks or features, then maybe it could be worth it. The Samsung Galaxy S24 will be officially announced on the 17th of January. Samsung recently announced plans to host a series of events over the month. Users will be able to try out the Galaxy AI features in various cities around the world.

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