Samsung will bring new “AI experiences” to the Galaxy S24


AI is definitely the buzzword of 2023 where many companies have been introducing AI features to their phones. More recently, it has been suggested that Samsung could be planning something of their own to bring to its Galaxy S24 smartphones next year, and it seems that those plans might have been confirmed.

During Samsung’s Q3 2023 earnings conference call held a few days ago, the company stated that they plan to introduce new AI technology as part of a “new experience in our devices”, and that they plan to offer this starting in 2024. While the company did not explicitly mention the Galaxy S24, it has been widely speculated that they were hinting at it.

Right now Google’s Pixel 8 pretty much takes the cake as far as AI features are concerned. Obviously it has an advantage given Google’s investment in AI technology, and we can already see some of it in effect like through the various camera and photo and video editing features offered in the Pixel 8, as well as smarter spam call detection and more.

The previous rumors suggested that Samsung could be working on something similar of their own and could be Samsung’s take on ChatGPT/Google Bard. It will be interesting to see Samsung’s efforts, especially given that Bixby wasn’t exactly the breakout hit that the company had hoped for, so maybe they’ll have better luck here.

Source: Business Korea

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