The ASUS AirVision M1 could be the perfect multi-monitor setup on the go


Working on the go means having to sacrifice certain creature comforts, like a nice big monitor on your desk. Instead, you’ll have to contend with smaller laptop or even tablet displays. If you don’t mind the occasional weird look, then perhaps the ASUS AirVision M1 could be the answer to your display woes.

The ASUS AirVision M1 is a pair of smart glasses that was unveiled at CES 2024. It can be used to generate multiple virtual screens right in front of your eyes. Don’t get it confused with devices like Apple’s Vision Pro. Instead, think of it as a set of displays you can wear on your face.

The headset uses micro OLED display technology with an FHD resolution. In terms of the number of “screens” it supports, that will depend on your computer’s hardware. Users can do things like pin a screen to a particular area so that when they pan their head, the screen will follow.

There are also built-in controls on the side of the glasses. This lets users control the various displays and also pause/play content. One of the downsides of the AirVision M1 is that it requires a tethered connection to a computer, so some of your movements might be restricted. If you’re planning to use it just for stationary work, then this won’t be a problem.

The price of the AirVision M1 hasn’t been announced yet nor its availability, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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