New WhatsApp feature lets you create custom stickers with ease


A while ago, WhatsApp introduced stickers to its platform. This allows users to send stickers which are an alternative to emojis. Users can also create their own custom WhatsApp stickers, but this required them to use third-party apps.

These apps are troublesome to use as many of them are filled with ads. Some of them have a limit on how many stickers you can create before being forced to sit through an ad. Then users would need to export them to WhatsApp. That has changed with the latest WhatsApp feature.

Meta has announced a new feature for WhatsApp that allows users to create their own custom stickers within the app itself. All users need to do is select a photo and the app will create a sticker automatically. It can even isolate the subject and remove the background instantly.

The editing function is quite limited for now. Users can only add text, make doodles, or add extra stickers or emojis on top of it. This means that if the subject isolation is not done correctly, users have no way to adjust it themselves. Perhaps improved editing will come at a later date, but for now it seems to be good enough.

The feature is rolling out to iOS users as we speak. There was no mention of Android availability just yet, but we expect that it should eventually arrive for Android as well.

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