Colours pop at CES 2024 with Infinix E-Colour Techonology!


Infinix made waves at ShowStoppers CES 2024 by introducing its cutting-edge E-Color Shift technology.  If you loved the Boston Museum x Techno crossover from 2022 this will be right up your alley! This technology breakthrough won Infinix the prestigious Omdia Innovation Award. This revolutionary technology empowers mobile phone panels to change and maintain vibrant colours without power consumption. The Deputy General Manager, Liang Zhang, said that the creative solutions tailored aimed at the global Gen Z consumer base.

E-Color Shift enables extensive customization of the smartphone’s back panel, offering up to 60 customizable areas. This lets users personalize their devices with unique designs. Showcasing features like time and mood in a matrix arrangement. The technology utilizes E Ink Prism 3. It uses microstructures with colour particles carrying positive and negative charges. By applying different voltages, users can change the electric field within the microstructure. This allows the display to show different colours without power usage.

Infinix also took the opportunity to showcase other cutting-edge technologies, including AirCharge and the Extreme-Temp Battery. AirCharge utilizes multi-coil magnetic resonance and adaptive algorithms, allowing wireless charging up to 20 cm and at 60-degree angles. Safety is paramount, and Infinix prioritises this with frequencies below 6.78 MHz, delivering 7.5W power.

The Extreme-Temp Battery addresses the common issue of mobile phone battery failure in extreme cold. It incorporates biomimetic electrolyte and fusion solid-state technology in its electrodes, operating seamlessly even in temperatures as low as -40°C. In other words, the battery in itself is at a very macro level a little more fluid, so it is less likely to seize up and stop the electrons from moving from a charged to discharged state.

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