Samsung Ballie is an AI robot that can follow you around the house


At CES this year, there is no shortage of AI-related products and announcements, and Samsung is no exception. Samsung has announced a bunch of AI projects that they are working on, one of which is the Samsung Ballie AI robot.

If the name sounds familiar, it is because Samsung unveiled the first iteration of Ballie a few years ago. The Samsung Ballie is a robot that rolls around and can follow you around the home. Samsung has incorporated an update into the new version, including a projector capable of projecting things onto the wall, the floor, and even the ceiling.

You can think of the Samsung Ballie AI robot like your own personal assistant. Samsung says that the Samsung Ballie AI robot will be able to interact with other smart devices. It can then take that information to project things that might be important to you, like the weather, content, and more. It can even be used to help dispense food for your pets, send other people text messages, and so on.

Unfortunately, at this point in time Ballie seems to exist more as a concept than an actual product you can buy. Samsung did not mention if there are plans to commercialize it, so don’t get your hopes up at being able to buy one for yourself just yet.

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