We Might See a Silent Hill 2 Remake this Year


Just after the debut of a rather unique take on the Silent Hill franchise, it seems that Konami has somewhat been listening to fans, and is gearing up to launch a remake of the beloved Silent Hill 2, based on a recent video game trailer online.

The trailer in question was posted by the official PlayStation YouTube channel, and includes several other major entries from franchises such as the Last of Us and Metal Gear Solid, all of which are expected to make their way to the console this year. Based on the trailer, the Silent Hill 2 remake will be a very close adaptation of the original game (at least from what we’ve seen), with an appearance by Pyramid Head himself.

First launched for the PS2 back in 2001, Silent Hill 2 is the first sequel to the original Silent Hill title for the PS1. The game’s core mechanics revolve heavily around survival-horror gameplay, with a haunting and dreadful atmosphere to boot. If the trailer is any indication, it looks like the updated graphics for the remake should give it an adrenaline boost in terms of visuals.

No specific release date was given for the remake however, so fans will have to be a bit more patient at the moment.

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