TCL unveils new TVs and soundbars


TCL excels in affordable TVs and soundbars, besides their smartphones and tablets. At CES 2024, they unveiled a new lineup of these home entertainment products. These might be worth exploring if you’re thinking about upgrading.


At CES 2024, TCL has announced a bunch of new TVs. This will be part of the company’s S-class and Q-class TVs, so depending on your needs and budget, there might be something for you.


With the S-class TVs, these TVs feature 4K resolution. Given that many of today’s shows are being recorded at 4K resolution or higher, it might be time to upgrade your TV if you’re still using one with a FHD resolution.

The new S5 TV from TCL uses High Brightness LED Backlight which the company claims offers up to 25% more brightness and enhanced color. This will result in images that are more vibrant-looking.

The new TV will also feature TCL’s AIPQ Process with AI Super Resolution. This is to help make sure the images you see are sharp and clear. The S5 TV will also support HDR PRO+, Dolby Vision, and HDR10+. The S5 will be available in 32-inch and 85-inch screen sizes.


Next up is the Q-class TVs which include the Q6 and the Q6 Pro. These TVs use Quantum Dot display technology and with the High Brightness Plus LED Backlight, they offer up to 28% more brightness.

The Q6 model also appears to be designed with gamers in mind. It has the Game Accelerator 120 feature that offers 120 VRR gaming, and if you go with the 85-inch model, it will come with a native refresh rate of 120Hz.

As for the Q6 Pro, it has everything the Q6 has along with Full Array Local Dimming for deeper blacks and up to 33% more brightness. There is an included blacklist remote, adjustable width feet, and support for hands-free voice control.

In addition to the Q6 and Q6 Pro, TCL has also announced the QM7, QM8, and the QD Mini LED ULTIMATE.

The QM7 comes with High Zone QD Mini LED with precise control of up to 1,500 zones. It also boasts an incredibly high peak brightness of 2,400 nits, along with the use of TCL’s AIPQ PRO processor. There is also support for 120Hz refresh rates, Game Accelerator 240, HDR ULTRA with Dolby Vision IQ, and a 2.1 channel speaker with a built-in subwoofer. Gamers can also appreciate how it will feature support for AMD FreeSync Premium.

The QM8 has all the features of the QM7 except with a higher peak brightness of 5,000 nits. It also comes with an Anti-Glare Screen, a 2.1.2 channel speaker system with Dolby Atmos Speakers, and WiFi 6.

Last but not least is the QD Mini LED ULTIMATE. According to TCL, this is the world’s latest QD Mini LED TV and comes in at 115-inches. There are 20,000 dimming zones, the use of TCL’s AIPQ ULTRA processor, and a 6.2.2 channel speaker system.

TCL Soundbars

If you’re not really after a new TV but want to upgrade your home audio experience, then TCL’s new S-class and Q-class soundbar could be worth checking out.

The new S-class model comes in the form of the S45H and the S55H. The S45H is 2.0 channel Dolby Atmos soundbar with a built-in bass reflex port. There is support for DTS Virtual:X with Auto Room Calibration and when paired with a TV, has Center Channel Mode. As for the S55H, it is a 2.1 channel Dolby Atmos soundbar that has a separate wireless subwoofer if you prefer having more control over where the subwoofer is placed in your room.

Lastly, there are the Q75H and Q85H soundbars. The Q75H is a 5.1.2 channel soundbar with Dolby Atmos support. It also comes with the Ray-Danz Acoustic Wave-Guide Reflectors, built-in tweeters, up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers, and built-in side surround speakers for a more immersive listening experience.

The Q85H takes the cake with its 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos design. It has features similar to the Q75H but with the addition of wireless rear speakers.

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