JBL’s new headphones and earbuds pack some pretty insane battery life

JBL Tune 770NC

Back in the day when wired headphones were more commonplace, we wouldn’t have to worry about battery life. Now we’ve traded the hassle of tangled cables for battery anxiety. If you are looking for a portable audio solution that has awesome battery life, then JBL’s new headphones and earbuds could fit that bill.

JBL Live 770NC

JBL Live 770NC

The JBL Live 770NC are a pair of over-ear wireless headphones. The over-ear design means that the earcups sit over your ears. This will help provide more comfort and also better sound staging and noise isolation.

Speaking of noise isolation, the JBL’s new headphones feature True Adaptive Noise Canceling with Smart Ambient support. They also pack 40mm drivers and come with JBL Spatial Sound. There are two built-in beamforming microphones that should help pick up your voice better when you’re on calls or in an online meeting.

The headphones will also come with support for Bluetooth 5.3 with LE audio. The battery life for the Live 770NC are also pretty great. JBL claims that they will be able to last up to 65 hours without ANC, and up to 50 hours with ANC. So unless you use them non-stop, the battery should be more than enough to get you through the week. The headphones are priced at $199.95 and will be available in Black, White, Blue, and Sandstorm.

JBL Tune 770NC

JBL Tune 770NC

If you like the features of the Live 770NC but want to spend less, then the Tune 770NC could be a good alternative. Priced at $129.95, JBL’s new headphones feature 40mm drivers. They also sport an over-ear design with support for Adaptive Noise Canceling with Smart Ambient.

They also come with Bluetooth 5.3 wireless connectivity support and LE audio. While it is cheaper than the Live 770NC, its battery life is longer. It is rated for up to 70 hours without ANC enabled, and up to 44 hours with ANC. If you don’t really plan to use ANC too often, then these headphones could be better in terms of battery life.

JBL Live TWS 3

JBL Live TWS 3

Last but not least, JBL has announced a new set of true wireless earbuds. The JBL TWS 3 is an interesting set of earbuds. The headphones will be offered in three different wearing styles. This includes the Live Buds 3, the Live Beam 3, and the Live Flex 3.

Live Buds 3, Live Beam 3, Live Flex 3

The Live Buds 3 feature a smaller and more compact design. If you plan to mostly listen to audio, these could be a good choice. The Live Beam 3 seems to be focused more towards those who make a lot of calls. The stick design will extend the microphones closer to your mouth.

As for the Live Flex 3, these are an open-ear design where the earbuds don’t go all the way into your ear canals. This could be better for users who might need to be aware of their surroundings or want a pair of earbuds that can be worn comfortably for a longer period of time.

Specs & features

In terms of specs and features, all three earbud designs come with a smart charging case with a built-in display. We’ve seen this feature on the JBL Tour Pro 2. It feels like a novelty but could be useful if you need to see at a glance things like battery life.

The Live Buds 3 and Live Beam 3 both come with 10mm drivers and True Adaptive Noise Canceling technology. They also support LDAC, Bluetooth 5.3, and LE audio. They are also both IP55 rated and come with six built-in microphones. The main difference is in the battery life. The Live Buds 3 is rated for up to 40 hours, while the Live Beam 3 will last longer up to 48 hours.

As for the Live Flex 3, it comes with the same specs and features as the Live Buds 3 and Beam 3. The main difference is in the drivers where it has larger 12mm drivers. Also, instead of IP55 rated, it is IP54. Its battery life is also longer at up to 50 hours.

The JBL Live TWS 3 series will all be priced at $199.95 each, so it doesn’t matter which design you go for. They will be available for purchase this coming summer.

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