UniversalGiving and Apple TV+ Mental Health Partnership


In happier holiday news; UniversalGiving, is a registered charity focusing on encouraging people to donate and volunteer with top-performing, vetted organizations all over the world. 100% goes directly to the cause. With “Apple TV+ Here to Help” UniversalGiving has now created a website dedicated to supporting people through potentially difficult scenarios. Some shows can be challenging emotionally for people, and this is to act as a buffer for those times when you need support and may not know where to get it. 

Why it’s important

At the peak of its popularity, shows like The Morning Show and All Mankind can reach over 25 million people. That is a lot of humans who may need to be guided should they need it. UniversalGiving has been able to assist by utilizing its expansive network. They have been able to find over 1125 non-government organisations (NGOs) in 108 countries, that cover everything from general mental health to more specific concerns like LGBTQIA+ discrimination. Since NGOs are by their definition not government-based, it is easier to get information that has less political bias. For instance, someone may need support with a sudden pregnancy it may not be provided as government support. So, NGOs like Planned Parenthood can inform and engage with people to help them make the correct choices for themselves. 

Apple Here to help

Looking to the Future

There was very clearly a lot of hard work that went into the creation of this platform. There is a considerable effort to make this partnership a reality. It sets the precedent that this service. So, something like this could be rolled out onto more platforms. This could mean that in future you may get more helpful resources in the moment. It could roll out to more than just TV services too, paving the way for a whole new world of access for those who may need support during tough times. A world with baked-in access to mental health services as default is a world that will ultimately become a better one. 

Pamela Hawley, the Founder and CEO of UniversalGiving, expresses pride in the team’s efforts and extends gratitude for the support of their global mission. The partnership with Apple TV+ not only reinforces UniversalGiving’s commitment to making a positive impact worldwide. It also highlights the importance of addressing mental health challenges in digital entertainment. 

More information

You can find more information on Apple TV + Mental Health platform here. For more information about UniversalGiving and the causes you care about here.

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