India’s new rules could force Apple to adopt USB-C on older iPhone models


The EU has a new law in which it would force all tech companies to adopt a charging standard, which in this case would be USB-C. This is expected to come into effect next year, but Apple got ahead of it by introducing USB-C in its latest iPhone 15s.

If you thought Apple’s troubles were over, think again. It seems that India is planning on introducing similar laws in the country that would require electronic devices to rely on USB-C for charging by June 2025. This shouldn’t be an issue, right? It turns out that it could be because this would also require Apple to implement it on older devices that are still in production.

This means that Apple could be forced to bring USB-C to models like the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. Apple is clearly not pleased by this and according to a report from Reuters, the company had a closed door meeting with the country’s government officials and requested that existing iPhone models be exempt from this rule.

Apple has warned that if this does not happen, it could have an impact on the production of iPhones in India. As some of you might know, Apple manufactures its iPhones in various countries including China and India. The company has also apparently insisted that the design of earlier products cannot be changed, but whether or not it’s technically impossible or if Apple simply doesn’t want to invest their resources in having to redesign older iPhones is unclear.

Source: Reuters

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