Google’s Pixel Fold could be getting a new camera feature


The Google Pixel Fold, like most foldables, has two displays. One display is on the outside which resembles your more typical smartphone display, and the other is on the inside where it transforms the phone into a tablet-like device.

A report from Android Authority has revealed a new feature that could be coming to the Pixel Fold in which when taking photos, users will be able to take advantage of the dual displays.

Right now, the only way the dual display works simultaneously is when you use the Dual Screen Interpreter Mode in Google Translate, but the APK teardown has revealed that Google could be bringing dual screen functionality when it comes to taking photos.

Based on the code strings they discovered, it seems that the outer display (or the rear display as Google calls it) can be turned on while you’re snapping a photo. This will allow you to show your subject a preview of the photo, so if you’re trying to direct someone to take your photo, the outer display can act as a viewfinder of sorts so you can adjust your pose or change the angles if it’s not to your liking.

The code also mentions how this Dual Screen preview feature won’t work if Battery Saver mode is enabled, or if your device is running too hot. There’s no mention of when it will be released so we’ll have to wait.

Source: Android Authority

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