Ghostek’s Atomic Slim is the ultimate protection for the Galaxy Z Fold 5


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 is one of the best foldable phones of 2023, but it is also one of the most expensive phones of the year. In some ways it’s not surprising, given that foldable display tech is still considered new-ish, and also given its size (you’re essentially getting a tablet and phone in a single device) we kind of expect it.

That being said, if you’re looking to protect your Galaxy Z Fold 5 to ensure that it will remain in good condition for the years to come, then you obviously will want to invest in some good protection in the form of a smartphone case.

There are many smartphone cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 out there, but if you’re looking for the ultimate form of protection that will not only protect the display, the cameras, but also the hinge (which is one of the phone’s weak points), then you might want to check out Ghostek’s Atomic Slim for the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

We’ve covered the Atomic Slim for the Flip 5 not too long ago, but if you own the Fold 5 and want similar protection, Ghostek’s got a version designed for the Fold 5 that might be worth taking a look at.

Ghostek ATOMIC slim Samsung Fold 5 Case Crystal Clear Back with Aluminum...
  • Premium Protective Phone Case for Galaxy Fold5 with Heavy Duty Protection
  • Raised Perimeter Edges to Protect the AMOLED Screen Display and Camera Lens

Lightweight design

Now, given its size, the Fold 5 is not necessarily the lightest phone in the market, nor is it the thinnest. This is why some of you might be considering whether it’s worth adding a protective case to the phone because undoubtedly this will create more bulk and weight.

Thankfully, that’s something that Ghostek has considered when making the Atomic Slim for the Fold 5 where they’ve made it out of a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. This not only lends a degree of sturdiness, thanks to the use of metal, but it also makes it relatively lightweight so that it won’t add too much weight to the phone.

We will note that due to the protective nature of the case, which we will get to in a bit, it does seem to add a bit of thickness to the phone. But if you’re more concerned about protecting your phone and don’t mind adding a bit of bulk, then this is a non-issue.

Protecting what really matters

There are many types of smartphone cases out there. Some are more focused on design, where they offer up some degree of protection, but otherwise they’re mostly for its looks and to allow users to express their personality through its design.

In the case of the Ghostek Atomic Slim for the Galaxy Z Fold 5, it’s all about protection. During the earlier reviews of the original Fold phone, many users were quick to discover durability issues with the display and components like the hinge, where getting dust or debris trapped in the hinge could cause it to malfunction and also potentially damaging the display.

Seeing as the hinge is one of the key components of the phone, protecting it is important and that’s an area that Ghostek has focused on. The Atomic Slim offers all-around protection, including the hinge of the phone. It is quite a robust protection which means that should you drop your phone, the hinge should remain protected and functional.

The company also utilizes R7x shock absorbing components along the corners of the handset. This is because when a phone falls, it can sometimes land on its corners and in most drop test videos, landing on the corner is usually when the most damage is caused, so making sure the corners are protected is a good move from Ghostek’s part.

They claim that it will be able to survive drops from as high as 12 feet, so unless you plan on tossing it off the roof of a building, this should be more than enough protection for your more common daily accidents. There is also protective coverings for the front and back of the phone, and the camera cutout is also raised to protect damage to the cameras, which is one of the more expensive components to replace if damaged.

Easy access to buttons and ports

One of the problems we’ve seen in some protective/rugged cases is that they cover the entire phone to ensure all-around protection. We can’t really fault some case makers for this, but it means that sometimes accessing the buttons and ports can be tricky or troublesome in some cases.

With Ghostek’s design of the Atomic Slim, they’ve designed the case in such a way that it offers up robust protection, but still also offering users quick and easy access to the charging port as well as any buttons that they might need, like the power button, the volume rockers, and so on, as well as the speaker grill so that the sound coming from your phone doesn’t get muffled.

It also features a non-slip grip which is perfect for those of you who might be a bit more clumsy and accident-prone. Another thing to note is that even though the Atomic Slim looks bulky, Ghostek has ensured that it is wireless charging compatible, so you don’t have to remove the phone from the case in order to use it with wireless chargers.

Unique and limited edition colorways

We mentioned earlier that when it comes to cases for our smartphones, some makers prioritize design over protection, but who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Ghostek’s Atomic Slim for the Fold 5 offers up all the protective features we mentioned above, but also comes in a variety of colors that are pretty eye-catching.

There are the more “regular” colors that customers can choose from, but in case you want something that’s more unique and limited, the company has created a series of unique colorways that combine different materials that are made in a limited run. According to Ghostek, some of these combinations are so limited that they only made 100 of each type.

This includes colors like a gunmetal colorway with a leather finish, green with an iridescent back, silver, aramid blue, and so on.

Pricing & availability

So, if you think that the Ghostek Atomic Slim is a good investment for your Galaxy Z Fold 5 smartphone, it is available for purchase via Ghostek’s website where it is priced starting at $89.98. The limited edition models do go for a lot more, but like we said, only 100 of these color and material combinations are made so you’re guaranteed that most people won’t have them. For more details you can head on over to Ghostek’s website or to make your purchase.

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