Ghostek Atomic Slim: The protection your Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 needs


The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 is not only insanely expensive for a smartphone, it is also pretty fragile, although this has less to do with Samsung but rather more to do with the nature of such devices.

Foldable phones are notoriously fragile due to the fact that its screen isn’t made out of the usual type of glass you would find on your average smartphone. Plus, there are moving parts like the hinge which adds a point of weakness to the phone, so taking care of your Galaxy Flip 5 is important if you’re hoping to use it for the years to come.

There are several protective cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in the market right now, but if you’re looking for the ultimate smartphone protection, then Ghostek’s Atomic Slim could be worth taking a look at.

Ghostek ATOMIC slim Galaxy Z Flip 5 Case Clear Back with Silver Aluminum...
  • Premium Protective Phone Case for Galaxy Flip5 with Full Hinge Protection
  • Raised Perimeter Edges to Protect the AMOLED Screen Display and Camera Lens

Unique and lightweight design

When it comes to smartphone cases, they’re usually divided into two categories – design and protection. Some cases are designed mostly to look good, such as Samsung’s own first-party cases, where they offer some degree of protection but it’s mostly aesthetics and to show off the phone.

Then you have cases like the Ghostek Atomic Slim which are designed more to be protective in nature, which explains why it sports a more rugged look compared to some other Galaxy Flip 5 cases.

The Atomic Slim is made out of metal (which we’ll get to in a minute) and is available in a variety of colors ranging from your typical solid colors, to a prismatic color option, and there are also limited edition designs that feature the use of leather, fabric, and aramid. This gives the phone a bit more personality and uniqueness.

In fact, it’s so unique that for each of the limited edition designs, Ghostek claims that only 100 of each unit has been made so you’ll be one of the very few people in the world to own this design, which is cool if that’s your kind of thing. But otherwise, all the cases are more or less the same when it comes to its protective features.

Solid metal construction

Like we said earlier, the Ghostek Atomic Slim for the Flip 5 is made out of metal. To be more specific, it is made out of military grade aluminum alloy and while it might sound like it could add weight to the phone, it is lightweight in its construction so it shouldn’t weigh you down by too much.

In some ways, making the phone heavier is a good thing as it can feel a bit more solid in your hands that some users might appreciate as it makes the device feel less like a toy.

In addition to the use of aluminum, the Atomic Slim also features a scratch resistant crystal clear back that allows some of the phone’s design to peek through while offering protection, so if scratches do occur, it will only be to the case and not to the (very expensive) phone itself.

The case also features a non-slip grip so you can use it without worrying that the metal might be too slippery and your phone will fly out of your hands. There are also precise cutouts that will give you access to the charging ports and also the buttons of the phone.

Last but not least, while the case will add a bit of bulk, the company claims that it will support wireless charging and it is also PowerShare compatible, so you can use it with a wireless charger without any issues.

Drop and hinge protection

Now, on to the main point of the case – its protection.

As we mentioned previously, the Ghostek Atomic Slim has been created with protection in mind and it is evident just from the looks of it. The use of metal adds a nice luxurious and sleek touch, but it has been further enhanced with bumpers along the edges of the phone.

According to Ghostek, this gives the case protection against drops. The company claims that it has R7x shock absorbing corners and can withstand drops from as high as 12 feet, so unless you’re planning to toss the Flip 5 off a building, the case’s protective design will help protect it against more common accidents.

Another feature we like about the Atomic Slim is that it helps protect the hinge of the phone, which as we mentioned earlier is one of the phone’s weak points where dust, other types of debris, and damage could hinder the phone’s ability to open and close properly.

The hinge protection is rather substantial so even if you drop your phone, you won’t have to worry too much about the hinge getting damaged in the process.

Ghostek also made sure to protect other areas of the phone like the inner foldable display and the camera, where they have raised the edges of the case to ensure that if the phone does fall flat on the camera or the display, the raised edges will help to absorb some of the damage and prevent issues like the camera lens cracking or the phone display breaking.

Considering that first-party repair costs of the inner and outer displays are priced starting at $109, this could be a good way to protect your phone’s display if you’d rather not make a trip to the service center.

Pricing & availability

While there are many protective cases for the Galaxy Z Flip 5 around, if you’re looking for the best protection possible, the Ghostek Atomic Slim is available starting at $89.98. As we mentioned earlier, the company did create some unique and limited edition designs alongside the normal versions and those will be priced at $199.98 and are available on both Ghostek’s website and Amazon in the link below.

Ghostek ATOMIC slim Galaxy Z Flip 5 Case Clear Back with Silver Aluminum...
  • Premium Protective Phone Case for Galaxy Flip5 with Full Hinge Protection
  • Raised Perimeter Edges to Protect the AMOLED Screen Display and Camera Lens
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