We Might See a Nintendo “Switch Mini” Soon, Leaker Claims


Nintendo has sure been the subject of several leaks lately, with rumor after rumor pointing to supposed new hardware currently in development. The popularity of the Switch has led to many predictions about a possible “Switch 2” launching soon, although this latest leak proposes something rather different, albeit familiar.

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An online post by leaker Nash Weedle claims that Nintendo is working on an even smaller version of its current-gen console, which might be dubbed the Nintendo “Switch Mini” or “Switch Pocket.” We say “even smaller” because at the moment, the Switch Lite is technically the smallest version of Nintendo’s hit portable system, at least for now.

This prediction comes as a result of several Nintendo patents which have now been shared online. Based on the diagrams, one of the patents shows the shoulder buttons being shuffled around in an arrangement more befitting of a compact device, while another has the “Home” and “Capture” buttons set below the display, for example.

Additionally, the post claims that Nintendo will launch the system on February 16, 2024, for a price of around $162. Other details include a variety of different colors, 12-hour battery life, and support for current Switch cartridges.

Of course, we’d advise to take these claims with a grain of salt, although it should be said that the prospect of a miniaturized Switch console might be something that some fans will gravitate towards, esepcially given the abundance of portable gaming systems in recent years.

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