Rumors: Nintendo Switch 2 is Real, Launches Next Year

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It’s almost seven years now since Nintendo launched its current video game console hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, making it one of the company’s longest-supported systems. With that being said though, seven years is a long time in console lifespan years, and it’s only logical to expect a successor on the horizon soon.

As such, word has gotten around that Nintendo is working on developing a new console – reports from the Video Games Chronicle (VGC) indicate that partner studios already have their hands on development kits for the upcoming system. While no specific launch date has been mentioned, it’s strongly believed that the Switch successor might launch sometime in Q4 2024, according to several sources.

Rumors about a Nintendo Switch 2 have been floating since the Switch’s launch, although these have been constantly refuted (until now, that is). More recently, a product render showing a Nintendo “Switch 2” device in its packaging features a more “modern” looking device with slimmer bezels around the display, and re-designed Joycons flanking the sides, although this has since been debunked.

Going back to the VGC report, it seems that the claims pointing towards the Switch 2 dev kits have yet to be refuted, although as always we won’t get anything official until Nintendo – or more leaks – say so.

Source: Video Game Chronicle

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