Samsung might have confirmed that they are working on a new chipset


Samsung’s Exynos chipsets have been getting a bad rep over the years to the point where this year’s Galaxy S23 ditched the Exynos chipsets entirely and went with Qualcomm. That will change next year where the Galaxy S24 series is expected to see the return of the Exynos chipsets.

Recently, there have been rumors that Samsung will be rebranding its Exynos chipsets to the “Dream Chip”. It turns out those rumors were false, but it also turns out that the “Dream Chip” is real. Samsung has since officially denied the rumors in a statement to Android Authority, claiming that the rebranding rumors are not true.

They also revealed that the “Dream Chip” brand name is actually referring to an internal project name. This is interesting because previously, there have been rumors suggesting that Samsung could actually be developing chipsets specifically for their Galaxy flagship phones, similar to how Apple has its A-series of chipsets for its iPhones, and Google has its Tensor chipsets.

This statement from Samsung seemingly confirms the existence of the project, but what exactly it entails is anyone’s guess. More importantly, there’s no way of knowing if this project will be commercialized either. Also just to play devil’s advocate, this “Dream Chip” project could refer to something else entirely and not necessarily be related to mobile.

Many companies do work on internal projects as part of R&D that never see the light of day, so until we hear otherwise, don’t get your hopes up just yet!

Source: Android Authority

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