The 70mai A810 is a very capable 4K dash cam that’s also easy on the wallet [Black Friday Deal]


Do you consider yourself a safe driver who makes sure that they put on their signal when changing lanes? Do you always drive under the speed limit and observe stop signs? While you might be an observant and law-abiding driver, other people might not be.

Driving under the influence, blowing past stop signs, and speeding when they shouldn’t be speeding are some instances that can cause car accidents, so even though you’re a safe driver, it might not always protect you from others who aren’t.

This is why getting a dash cam for your car is important. Having a dash cam ensures that in the event of an accident, there will be video footage that can be used to prove you were in the right of way or to submit as evidence to law enforcement and to make your insurance claims a smoother process.

If you’re in the market for a dash cam for your car, then perhaps 70mai’s A810 dash cam could be the perfect accessory.

Amazing image quality

A dash cam is honestly only as good as the video quality it can capture. What’s the point of buying a cheapo dash cam if the footage you get is grainy and blur and is hard to make out things like the lane markers, vehicle colors, or their license plates?

With the A810, 70mai has made sure to equip it with some pretty amazing hardware. This includes the use of the Sony Starvis 2 IMX678 CMOS sensor that has the ability to capture video footage in 4K resolution. The sensor measures 1/1.8-inches in size while also being able to capture video with relatively low noise, meaning that the footage you’ll be getting from the camera will be (relatively) grain-free.

It also comes equipped with a camera lens with an f/1.8 aperture. For those unfamiliar with camera lens terms, the lower the aperture, the more “open” the lens is, which in turn allows more light to be captured to provide better quality images, like colors, shadows, and more. It also makes it easier to capture footage under low-light, which we’ll get to in a bit.

Combine that with the use of HDR Dual-Channel, you should be able to expect some pretty spectacular footage.

Night vision capabilities

Now, since we might be driving during the night, having a dash cam that has the ability to capture good quality footage even under less-than-ideal lighting situations is important. As we previously mentioned, one of the features of the A810 is the use of an f/1.8 aperture lens which will most definitely aid in night time recording.

Of course, having a wide aperture lens is only part of the equation, which is why the A810 dash cam comes with 70mai’s Night Owl Vision technology. This will help to enhance the video footage that is being captured while you’re driving at night, ensuring that even if you need to submit night time video footage as evidence or as part of an insurance claim, it will be clear enough, as opposed to some other dash cams which might perform well under bright sunlight but falter in the dark.

Smooth video recording

If you’ve ever seen dash cam footage that has been uploaded to social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok, you might notice that some of these videos are pretty choppy. This is because some lower-end dash cam models might record video at a lower frame rate to either try and reduce the file size or because its hardware isn’t capable enough.

With the 70mai A810 dash cam, you can make recordings at a buttery smooth 60 fps when you set the resolution to 1080p, allowing you to capture everything in front of you smoothly without skipping a beat. Heck, even movies are typically recorded at a lower frame rate of 24 fps, so at 60 fps, you can rest assured that your videos won’t end up being a choppy mess.

AI-powered features

AI is the buzzword of the year so it’s really no surprise that 70mai has made sure to include some AI-powered features in the A810 dash cam. We’re talking about features like a smart parking guardian mode. This uses AI to detect motion, but while motion detection isn’t new, the use of AI means that the dash cam can calculate a person’s distance and also their intention.

So when the AI thinks that a person approaching your car could pose a potential threat, whether to try and break in or vandalize it, the A810 will be able to begin recording so that you’ll have video evidence of it later. But it seems that 70mai isn’t stopping there.

In addition to motion detection, the A810 will come with Super–Sensing ADAS. This will include alerts where the dash cam can detect things like pedestrians or bikers, lane departures, moving traffic, and potential front collisions, alerting the driver to these events so that they can react accordingly.

This is actually a feature we would have expected from a modern day electric car, so it’s interesting to see 70mai leverage AI technology to perform those feats via a dash cam. Lastly, there is also built-in GPS that can provide additional information during recordings like the time, speed, location, and coordinates.

Having used the A810 dashcam for about 2 months, I can say that it’s my go-to option for a dash cam for my car. Not only is the video quality great, but low-light capture is far better than what I was expecting – delivering video that’s much better than what’s offered by the competition.

Pricing & availability

So, if you think that the 70mai A810 dash cam would make a good fit for your car and you want to better protect yourself while on the road, it is available for purchase from 70mai’s website and Amazon. The best part is that the dash cam would normally set you back $149.99, but as part of their  Black Friday sale, 70mai has discounted the dash cam by $30, bringing its price down to a more affordable $119.99. You can enjoy up to 30% off when purchasing A810 and its accessories.

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