Samsung Galaxy S24 could get a live call translation AI feature


It has been rumored that Samsung will be going big with AI in 2024 starting with the Galaxy S24 smartphones. Now it looks like the company has unveiled one of those new AI features that will debut next year.

This new feature is called AI Live Translate Call and as its name suggests, it will help users translate calls as it takes place in real-time. This means that if you’re having a conversation with someone who speaks a different language, the AI tool will be able to translate it to your language and vice versa while the call is taking place into text.

It is unclear how fast or efficient this will work in real life, but it sounds quite interesting. Google’s Pixel phones already have a Live Transcribe feature which isn’t exactly the same thing, but it allows the phone’s software to capture speech and view them as text on their phones.

Also, this isn’t exactly a new feature per se. There are many devices, like earbuds, out there that offer live translation capabilities, so it remains to be seen how this feature will set itself apart from what’s available out there today. This will be one of several new AI features that Samsung plans to introduce next year, so we’ll have to wait and see what else the company has in store for us.

Source: SamMobile

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