Nokia Pursues Legal Action versus Amazon and HP


Nokia’s had a lot of legal dealings lately – following its legal battle against hardware manufacturer Oppo, it looks like the Finnish telecommunications giant has decided to escalate a dispute with Amazon and HP to court.

More specifically, Nokia has decided to go forward and pursue legal action against Amazon, alleging that the former is liable for the unauthorized use of Nokia’s video-related tech in its streaming hardware and software products. Nokia says that it has already filed cases in the United States, Germany, India, the UK, and the European Unified Patent Court.

Meanwhile, separate cases have also been filed against HP in United States court due to alleged unauthorized use of Nokia’s patented video-related technologies in their devices. According to an official statement from Nokia Chief Licensing Officer Arvin Patel:

I want to stress that litigation is never our first choice. The vast majority of our patent licensing agreements are agreed amicably. To put this into context, since 2017, we have concluded or extended over 250 licenses – including amicable licenses with Apple and Samsung – and launched just 6 litigation campaigns. We’ve been in discussions with each of Amazon and HP for a number of years, but sometimes litigation is the only way to respond to companies who choose not to play by the rules followed and respected by others. And let’s be clear: Amazon and HP benefit significantly from Nokia’s multimedia inventions.

With that said, Nokia says that it hopes to reach amicable agreements with companies who use its tech and patents, and that its door “remains open” for constructive, good-faith negotiations.

Source: Nokia

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