Oppo Phones Banned in Germany After Legal Dispute with Nokia


A while back, we reported that Nokia was granted a legal victory following a patent dispute with Oppo, after a decision from the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany ruled in favor of the Finnish telecommunications giant. Now, Oppo and its sister company OnePlus (under BBK Electronics) will be prohibited from selling their smartphones in Germany – and more regions might soon follow.

The dispute involves patents pertaining to 4G (LTE) and 5G Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). Nokia has sued OPPO over nine SEPs and five implementation patents across three German regional courts including Munich and Düsseldorf. As a result, a court issued a cease and desist order against the Chinese brand.

As of now, Oppo has removed any mention of its smartphones and other related tech on its German website, although it states that owners of existing Oppo smartphones in the region will still be able to use their devices normally. Other Oppo-branded products will still be available for purchase though, such as audio gear and other non-smartphone technology.

Prior to this, the two companies have worked collaboratively since 2018, with Nokia responsible for several smartphone technologies such as the development of 5G connectivity. It is reported that Nokia has also filed lawsuits against other BBK-owned smartphone brands including Vivo and Realme in several other countries such as the United Kingdom, Spain, and France.

UPDATE: Nokia has reached out to us and provided the following statement:

“Two German Courts have ruled that OPPO is using Nokia’s patented technologies in its smartphones and is selling them illegally without a license. Nokia has also been found to have acted fairly. The easiest way for OPPO to resolve this matter is to renew its license on fair terms.”

Source: Android Police

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