Xiaomi Teases Major UI Overhaul with Hyper OS


One of the biggest traits of Android is its ability to be customized with additional features and visual effects, which helps manufacturers differentiate their brands from rivals and competitors. As a result, we’ve gotten different variations of Android such as Samsung’s One UI, Oppo’s Color OS, and Xiaomi’s MIUI, to name a few.

In the case of MIUI, there’s been some speculation that Xiaomi might introduce a newer version of its mobile interface, which is expected to come with changes to how users can interact with its smartphones. It looks like this is bound to happen soon, as confirmed by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun.

Based on a photo shared on Jun’s official social media account, Xiaomi will be introducing a new mobile interface dubbed “HyperOS”, which will make its debut on the upcoming Xiaomi 14 series smartphones. Jun adds that Hyper OS is the result of “years of collective work.” There’s no word on whether or not the new interface will make its way to older devices, although it shouldn’t come as a surprise if that were the case.

While MIUI was undoubtedly unique in its own way, it wasn’t the most efficient Android skin, with users complaining of occasional performance bugs and glitches. With that in mind, we’re hoping Hyper OS comes with a ton of improvements (and less bloatware, as well).

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