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Imagine grabbing a newspaper or a magazine and then discovering there is no headline. There would be nothing to compel you to read the article, right? After all, headlines are like book covers, where the more interesting or exciting the headline is, the more curious you might be to click on it and read it.

Unfortunately if you use X to regularly promote articles written on your website, it looks like you might need to start writing your own captions. This is because in an update to the platform, X will no longer display headlines in articles posted to its website.

This means that whenever you post a link to a website article, the headlines will no longer be displayed. Instead, your chosen featured image will only appear along with a small text in the bottom left corner that shows the website’s partial URL. So far this change has affected users on the web as well as iOS users, but we imagine that it will eventually make its way to the Android version of the app.

This change was originally spotted back in August in a report from Forbes that was later confirmed by X’s owner, Elon Musk. Musk claims that this change will “greatly improve the esthetics” of the platform, and while it does look cleaner, it makes it more annoying to use and potentially confusing for some who might assume these posts are only images and not a link to a website.

Source: Android Central

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