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A surprise announcement was made to the X community today. As of today, X will be rolling out a new picture in picture mode for the social media platform. Picture in Picture is where you can watch a video within an app that you are in without having it be full screen. It will be available across all platforms from the web to the dedicated X Android App.

I was able to try first hand this new feature first. It is pretty seamless and works as you would expect it to if you have been using the feature on YouTube or other streaming platform. You simply click on the video, hit play and then you’ll see a small square with an arrow. Clicking that will bring your video out into a separate window.

Source: Phandroid

From there, it works just like you would expect. You can resize the window into whatever size works best for your screen. To do this all you do is click on the corner and drag it out! Simple!

Little quality-of-life changes can mean big things to a platform, and it’s not just X getting in on the action. Threads, Meta’s alternative to X, has recently received some feature updates too. This shows more than ever that X can’t just rely on its previous market dominance to continue unless it keeps adding features.

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