Meet Fitbit’s Newly-Redesigned Smartphone App


A while back, Fitbit announced that it was in the process of designing a new and improved Fitbit mobile app for users, which will come with new features and improvements to overall usability. With that said, Fitbit finally took off the wraps on its new app, giving users an idea of what they can expect in managing and tracking their health and fitness.

The updated Fitbit app is essentially designed around three main tabs labeled “Today”, “Coach”, and “You”. Users can now track their physical activity on the Fitbit app even without a Fitbit device or Pixel Watch, meaning that their phone’s sensors will do all the tracking once connected to the app.


Users can also choose which stats they’ll see thanks to an edit feature on the Today tab. The app will then ask them to select the personal goals that they want to focus on – sleep, movement, or even stress – and keep an eye on such. Meanwhile, the Coach tab will help users find a workout that’s best suited for them, based on factors like type, movement, duration and equipment. Users can also unlock more workouts via an optional Fitbit Premium subscription.

The app also adds some changes to Charts, which now include instant access to information such as metrics and patterns, and include data on exercise trends, active zone minutes, and even sleep stats. Fitbit has likewise improved its approach to privacy controls, which integrate Google’s security features. Google adds that health and wellness data will be kept separate from Google ads data.

Source: Google

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