Google Bard can Now Tap into Apps and Data for More Personalized Results


The launch of Google’s AI-powered Bard software proved to be a landmark moment for the company, which has over the years invested heavily into the development of modern AI-infused software and services. With that said, Google recently announced a handful of updates for Bard, which now comes with new tricks up its sleeve.

For one, Google unveiled the arrival of Bard Extensions in English, which provides users a new way to work with Bard. Using Extensions, Bard will be able to tap into Google apps and services like YouTube, Docs, Drive, and Gmail, to give users more personalized and convenient results, saving time and effort. For example, you could ask Bard to retrieve an old resume’ from a few years back, and summarize it into a more updated and concise version.

Furthermore, users can now also use Bard’s “Google It” button, which serves as a means to double-check Bard’s answers and results for queries. Clicking on the “G” button will prompt Bard to read its response, and do a quick search across the web to verify its answer. Additionally, users can now access a shared conversation where another user has left off – simply put, opening a Bard conversation link from a different user can now allow the new user to continue with the conversation.

Google also states that it has added support for more than 40 languages, meaning that more users across the globe can check out what Bard has to offer, in addition to Google’s other services such as Lens.

Source: Google

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