Google is opening their doors to the public this October


Have you ever wondered what it might be like at Google’s headquarters? Being one of the largest tech companies in the world whose products and services are used by millions of people everyday, we’re sure many are curious what things are like over at Google. Come October, you will have your chance.

This is because Google has announced the Google Visitor Experience. This will basically give the public the opportunity to visit Google’s headquarters over in Mountain View, California. There will be a cafe that visitors can grab food and drinks from, as well as a Google Store where they can pick up new gadgets and other things.

“We remain focused on being a helpful neighbor and continuing to invest in our long-term presence in Mountain View. That’s why, for the first time, we curated an intentional visitor experience with public amenities for everyone, including neighbors, visitors and Googlers. Attend a local community group or non-profit event at the Huddle, a venue designed for creating connections. Discover and support local businesses at the Pop-Up Shop. Tap into your curiosity in The Plaza, which features outdoor art, events and programming. Connect with friends at the Cafe @ Mountain View, our first-ever public cafe. And explore our hardware products and services in person at the first brick and mortar Google Store on the West Coast.”

If you’re interested, the Google Visitor Experience will be launching on the 12th of October, so head on over to Google’s website and drop your email to be notified when the doors open.

Source: Google

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