Gboard will soon be getting a new AI-powered proofreading feature


While texting friends and family members, sometimes having typos or not being 100% grammatically correct is fine as long as the gist of the message is getting across. But when communicating with your colleagues or in a professional space, it might not give the best impression if it seems like you cannot string together a coherent sentence.

The good news is that if you’re a Gboard user, Google has rolled out a new feature in the latest beta of the app called “Proofread”. As the name implies, this is a feature that basically proofreads your messages before you send it. It uses generative AI which means that compared to regular spell or grammar checkers, it will be smart enough to take things into context.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an automated feature, meaning that users will have to remember to tap on the “Proofread” button before the message is sent, and then tap on “Fix it” if they want the AI to help clean it up. It does mean that users will need to take extra steps, but if you need to make sure that your message comes across professional, taking an extra few seconds could go a long way.

Also, as 9to5Google notes, the processing is done on Google’s servers which means that if you have a spotty internet connection, the process might not work or take longer, so hopefully Google will make changes in the future that will allow for onboard processing.

Source: 9to5Google

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