Xiaomi is stepping up their update game


Traditionally speaking, most Android OEMs typically offer anywhere between 2-3 years of major OS updates. This pales in comparison to Apple’s iPhones where the company continues supporting devices that were launched as far back as five years ago, but that’s starting to change.

More OEMs are now offering longer update support, and one of those companies is Xiaomi. This is according to an announcement on X by Xiaomi’s communications director, Daniel Desjarlais, who revealed that starting with the Xiaomi 13T series, the company will offer four years of major OS updates, followed by five years of security patches.

This puts Xiaomi in the same boat as other Android OEMs such as Samsung, who previously announced a similar change to their update policy. This is great news for users who don’t upgrade their phones every couple of years, so at the very least, guaranteed updates to the latest version of Android should keep things fresh and exciting.

That being said, Google is also rumored to be changing their policy. Last month, it was rumored that Google could apparently be planning to offer Pixel users up to five years of updates. Seeing as how Google controls the software and now the hardware with its Tensor chipsets, it makes sense, although the company hasn’t officially announced anything yet.

Xiaomi’s upcoming 13T and 13T Pro smartphones are currently scheduled for a launch on the 26th of September, so check back with us then for the official details.

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