Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra concept renders shows off flat display


For years, Samsung has opted to use slightly curved displays for its flagship phones, giving it a sleek and somewhat futuristic look. But recently, there have been rumors claiming that for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung could return to more traditional flat displays.

Thanks to a series of renders posted by Guilherme Alves, we might have an idea of what that could look like. Keep in mind that these are not leaks. These are concept renders that Alves had cooked up himself based on what we know about the phone, including its flat display.

Whether or not the actual phone will look like these renders is really anyone’s guess, but since most phones tend to look quite similar from the front, we suppose it’s a pretty safe bet. Also, you might notice that the renders show off a slightly larger bezel, which once again is in line with the rumors that Samsung might not be that eager to trim the display bezels just yet.

In any case, we have to say that even with a flat display, the phone still looks pretty good. Some might even appreciate the flat display as it helps from swiping in from the sides, plus it also makes it easier to use with the S Pen. The Samsung Galaxy S24 series is expected to be announced early 2024, so there’s still a bit of waiting to be done.

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